☑️ Prevent deprecated APIs in Kubernetes v1.16

The v1.16 release stopped serving some API versions for different resource types. When a user deploys a resource with a deprecated API version, the Kubernetes engine rejects it.

Kubernetes v1.16 is no longer (officially) supported since 2 September 2020, So if you are still running this version, consider upgrading it as soon as possible.

Targeted resources by this rule (types of kind): NetworkPolicy / Deployment / DaemonSet / StatefulSet

Enabled by default? True

Policy as code identifier: K8S_DEPRECATED_APIVERSION_1.16

This rule will fail

If one of the following API versions is used

  • extensions/v1beta1
  • apps/v1beta1
  • apps/v1beta2

Rule output in the CLI


How to fix this failure

Use apps/v1 instead of the deprecated version


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