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Kustomize support


Datree comes with out-of-the-box support for Kustomize, allowing you to easily scan your Kustomization file and the resources it will generate for misconfigurations.

When testing a kustomization directory, Datree will build temporary copies of the resources defined in kustomization.yaml and run a policy check against them.

Linux, MacOS, and Windows are supported.


Using the Datree CLI to scan kustomize files requires Kustomize and/or kubectl to be installed.


Simply add the 'kustomize' argument to the CLI command, like so:

datree kustomize test [path][cliArgs] -- [kustomizeArgs]

path - the path to your desired kustomize directory (that contains a kustomization.yaml file).
cliArgs (optional) - your desired Datree CLI arguments, as described here: CLI arguments.
kustomizeArgs (optional) - your desired arguments for the 'kustomize build' command. To see a list of supported arguments, run kustomize build -h or kubectl kustomize -h


Assuming "/path/to/dir/" is a directory containing a 'kustomization.yaml' file, the following command will perform a policy check against all generated resources:

datree kustomize test /path/to/dir/

The following command will also perform a policy check against all generated resources, this time using k8s schema version 1.23.0 and a Datree policy named "staging":

datree kustomize test /path/to/dir/ -s 1.23.0 -p staging