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How Datree works

Datree provides a policy enforcement solution to run automatic checks for rule violations and misconfigurations in your Kubernetes config files. When rule violations are found, Datree produces an alert which guides the developer to fix the issue while explaining the reason behind the rule.

From develop to runtime

Datree's solution encompasses all development lifecycle phases, ensuring stability every step of the way.


See our integrations page for more information on each of these offerings.

What is a Datree policy check?

Each policy check consists of 3 consecutive phases:

  • YAML Validation - verifies that the file is a valid YAML.
  • Schema Validation - verifies that the file is a valid Kubernetes file. This is done using Kubeconform.
  • Policy Check - checks the YAML against your configured policy.

Where does the policy check occur?

Datree's policy evaluation process is entirely local. Your files and their contents are not sent to our backend, as all policy checks are performed on your machine. Only metadata is sent to our backend, which is used to display your policy check history on your dashboard.