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User management

Feature availability

Inviting team members to collaborate is available as part of certain payment plans. Plan details can be found on our pricing page

Invite a user

  1. In the dashboard, navigate to the user management tab
  • Go to "SETTINGS" (click on the avatar in the upper-right corner)
  • Click on the "USER MANAGEMENT" tab, then click "Invite User" settings
  1. Insert the user’s email address and the desired permission (role)
  2. Once the invitation is successfully sent, the token of the newly invited user will be displayed in the dashboard and can be shared with the new workspace members
  • The token is used to connect the CLI with the dashboard to determine the available policies and report policy check results to the dashboard
  1. The newly invited user is added to the users’ table, where you can also track his/her invitation status (pending/accepted)

Edit user roles

  1. In the dashboard, navigate to the user management tab
  2. Click on the "..." icon displayed for each member
  3. Click on "Edit"
  4. Select the new role and save the change

Invitation expired

If an invitation to join a workspace has reached it expiration date, you can re-invite the user by clicking on the "invite user" button and providing the desired email and permission.

User roles

There are 3 levels of permissions, defined by the user’s role:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Viewer

Roles Permissions

Create/delete policiesVV
Edit policies (toggle rules on/off)VV
Create cusotm rulesVV
Execute workspace policiesVVV
Create/delete/copy tokensVV
Access policy check historyVVV
Edit/delete workspace membersVV
Toggle Policy-As-CodeVV
Change default K8s schema versionVV
Invite new membersVV
Delete workspaceV
Update/cancel plan subscriptionVV
Create custom policiesVV
Update Email subscription frequencyVV
Edit rules’ fail suggestion textVV