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Account token

What is a token

The token connects your policy checks to your Centralized policy, which determines your available policies.
Additionally, the token allows your CLI to report your policy check history to the dashboard.
When a policy check is triggered, Datree reads your account token from the config file (~/.datree/config.yaml).

Each token has the following properties:

  • Label: the name of the token, as presented in the history tab in your dashboard.
  • Type: can be set to either read or write, used to define the permissions for updating your account policies.

Tokens are immutable. To change one of the token's properties, a new token needs to be created and set in the CLI.

Connect your dashboard to the CLI

1. Get your account token from the dashboard

  • Log into your account

  • Go to "SETTINGS" (click on the avatar in the upper-right corner)

  • Copy your account token

2. Set your token in the CLI

To set your token, simply run the following command in your terminal using the same token you copied in the previous step:

datree config set token <token>

This will replace the token inside the config file (~/.datree/config.yaml)

Token Management

Creating new tokens

A single account can have multiple tokens. Creating new tokens is done via the Token Management tab in your dashboard settings.


Policy checks executed with a certain token are reported only to the dashboard of that token's creator.

Using tokens in your CI

Setting your token in your CI is done using the DATREE_TOKEN environment variable. The Datree CLI automatically checks this variable and uses its value as the token.
See our CI/CD section for examples using popular platforms.